Project Manager

Looking for a skilled “Project Manager” to join our company in our daily mission of making awesome things happen online for us and our clients.

Job Description

Our company builds all kinds of profitable online marketing funnels for ourselves and our clients, we need your help to manage the day to day moving parts! You’ll be working with a small close knit team and will be responsible for managing the build out web pages, email marketing systems, and implementing tracking tools and MOST important meeting deadlines….  If this sounds fun to you than you’re in the right place! sound a little intimidating? that’s ok, we’re willing to help train the right individual.


Be an awesome person… you don’t need to be insanely over qualified in the skillset we need, the main thing is that you’re a good fit with the team. This position is mid level, so any experience you have in the project management world will help.

Be willing to learn… a lot of the tools we use aren’t taught in schools so you’ll need to be a fast learner, the nice thing is – they’re fairly easy to learn, and we’ll train you if you’re not familiar with them.

Prefer local (the closer to Pacific Beach the better) but willing to work with you.

  • Excellent project management skills – very useful
  • Experience in web and marketing project management preferred
  • Strong attention to detail, and ability to multi-task
  • Asana skills – extremely useful
  • Wordpress skills – very useful
  • HTML/CSS skills very useful
  • Photoshop skills very useful
  • Ability to work independently (remote) or in our office in Pacific Beach.
  • BONUS if you know Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, and or Copywriting!
  • An appetite and pride in delivering high quality work is important.
  • Willingness to continue education/training in emerging areas.
  • Certification in one or more of the following areas preferred:
    • InfusionSoft
    • Social Media paid advertising
    • Tracking tools
    • Asana


– Fan of structure and organization… we will work with you to make sure the project stress levels are low, that’s our goal – we want to design this position to be clear on responsibilities and milestones. We fail if you feel overwhelmed.

– Good student… don’t really care what your education level is, “some colledge” is ok – or have a PHD, but yea we’re looking for fast learners, so if you did well in school that’s a good sign!

– love to learn? A fan of problem solving – and not really afraid to mess up.

– Self starter with a high capacity for focused intense work.

– Willing to work hard to see the job completed on schedule.

– If you bring ideas to the table they will always be considered and you will always get brownie points for taking action on something even when it’s not asked for, especially if it helps the company!

Other Stuff

What an average day might look like:

– 30min daily game plan meeting.  Each project has a weekly scheduled mandatory meeting.

– We’ll all work very closely at first – training, system overviews, strategy discussion.

– We’ll agree on some tasks and jump into execution mode for the day, and you’ll have direct access to us if you hit any barriers.

– “It’s a Lifestyle”  We don’t really have set start and end times, usually they’re variable based on the workload, though we’ll discuss a timeframe and hours you’re willing to work with,. main thing is reaching DEADLINES, but I’m well aware of the challenges that a set in stone timeline can bring, so ideally we’ll all work together to adjust project timelines as needed. Why spend 3 weeks on a project that can take 1 week, and sometimes 3 week projects will take 6.

The Pay

Pay based on a few attributes…

  1. it will be contract max out at 40 hours per week
  2. This is starting as a 1099 contract.
  3. base pay will be $30/hr for first 90 days of the contract – then we can negotiate based on your needs and the output increase.
  4. after 90 days – Profit sharing incentive plan will be discussed.

What To Do Next

If this sounds awesome to you, and you think working with a cutting edge internet marketing company sounds great let’s talk. shoot us an email and we’ll set up an interview.

Here’s what I’ll need in the email:

  1. send me 3 ideas on how you’d help us better execute our online marketing projects.
  2. resume is necessary, feel free to include any and all portfolio pieces or success you have.
    (Optional) please also include a link to your linkedin or other social media platform if you have one.
  3. tell me about you personally, stuff you’re into – what your goals are, where you are in life and where you want to be in life. this may not be your dream job, but who know’s maybe we can work together to help it become so!
  4. what’s your favorite book?
  5. this may sound silly, but it’s a requirement to set up the interview – please take the test on and include your results or “type” in the email
  6. BONUS! include a video of yourself telling me a little bit about yourself – just post it on vimeo or youtube or something. this will greatly increase your chances of an interview! 🙂
  7. briefly describe what InfusionSoft & ClickFunnels do, and how you plan on learning them 😉
  8. that’s it! look forward to meeting you… 

About Us

We have been building online funnels for the last seven years.  We have successfully created and launched multiple million dollar products online.


Type: Contract

Salary: See Job Description

Training: Limited Training

Equal Opportunity Employer

To Apply

Please read the ‘What To Do Next’ section in detail, and when ready, click below to send us an email.

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