Turn Key Funnel:

Automated Webinar



This single campaign generated nearly $2MM in 2015 with a single product.  We have tweaked and optimized this campaign to achieve maximum profits across a variety of niches.


  • Easy Launch – this campaign will be installed into your Infusionsoft app with everything necessary to publish as soon as you provide the email copy (need swipe templates to follow -no problem just ask us for them)
  • Tags, Campaign Links & Merge Fields – after building campaigns for more than six years I can tell you these are the most important elements if you want to keep your campaigns organized and have detailed reports at your fingertips.
  • Stealth Seminar (Webinar Setup Checklist) – we have tested every automated webinar platform imaginable and the results have proven Stealth Seminar to be the most reliable … and easiest and fastest to set up with our checklist.


This is a pre-built campaign. You can purchase now, and you will receive an electronic download with instructions on how to implement it.


Was: $1,997

Price: $997

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