Turn Key Funnel:

Long-Term Nurture



Having a content dead end is the death of email marketers, use this campaign to ensure your contacts never run out of quality content AND that they never see multiple messages at once (it confuses them and they don’t take action).


  • Easy Launch – this campaign will be installed into your Infusionsoft app with everything necessary to publish as soon as you provide the email copy.
  • Simple System for Creating 12 months of copy within 30 min – using this simple system you will have a year’s worth of long term nurture campaign setup and ready to publish within 30 minutes.
  • Engagement Meters – having a long term nurture campaign is only valuable IF it somehow manages to keep your contacts engaged with you so we’ve developed engagement meters to help you identify the prospects most engaged with you.


This is a pre-built campaign. You can purchase now, and you will receive an electronic download with instructions on how to implement it.


Was: $997

Price: $497

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